Who Needs a Life Coach anyway?

I am used to this question and the, ‘What is wrong with these people? – I would be so embarrassed to admit I was failing’ tone that often accompanies it. The thing is, it’s the successful people, those at the top of their game, that come to coaching. Is that because there’s more wrong with […]

How to Determine Your Own Legacy

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou I recently lost another person I love to cancer and, once again, the time between diagnosis and death was very short and mostly unconscious. No chance of […]

Leadership Lessons from Sailing

As the sales director for a family owned company in the laboratory equipment industry I am responsible for all the global sales and service activities of the company. There are 15 country organisations with a total of 350 sales, service and applications support people. Each organisation is led by a country manager who is responsible […]

Balance Life’s Seesaw

When most of us think of a seesaw, we think of the long plank with a seat on each end and the feeling of leaving our stomachs up in the air and then plunging down to bounce off the ground while playing as kids. The ups and downs were great fun and could easily leave […]

Puzzle Pieces

I found myself recently sitting in a waiting room. I was nervous and a little upset and I grabbed a puzzle from the ‘kids’ corner’ to distract myself. It was a magnetic 3D puzzle; all the pieces were the same shape and the pattern was made up of lots of different coloured ladybirds. I flipped […]

Second Thoughts

I recently watched a film recommended to me by a friend. ‘About Time’ is a 2013 RomCom about a young man who discovers that the male members of his family can travel back in time. His father shares this family secret with him on his 21st birthday and the film’s story line revolves around the humour, […]

Fear is a Liar

What if I die vs what if I don’t live? After having a series of hip operations, including two double hip replacements, I found myself once again standing at the bottom of the ski piste waiting for my kids and husband to ski down to me and say hi for a quick second before rushing […]