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Hi, I’m Gillian, your dedicated and accredited Leadership & Life Coach, I’m certified in a wide range of coaching fields, including Narrative, Somatic, Trauma Sensitive, Positive Intelligence & Team Coaching, among others. The key thing to know about me is that I work with a wide and experienced palette of methodologies tailored specifically to you and your unique situation. 

I have a passion for people from all walks of life, a scarily accurate intuition, and a talent for unlocking inner sparks of hidden potential. I work with empathy, compassion, and humour, but know exactly when to shift the gears to challenge, motivate and support you beyond stumbling blocks to success. 

You are unique! Even if situations appear similar on the surface, there are no two identical client situations and no self-help book or course that is ‘one size fits all’. Reading books and watching videos looking for answers in others can often leave us feeling more helpless and have us asking “what is wrong with me?”. There is nothing wrong with these self-help formulas – or with you – they may have worked for the author, but you are unique, you are the only expert on ‘you’ in the world and you with my help have to find your own unique path to success.

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Choir of Brave Voices

I wrote the original ‘Choir of Brave Voices’ with the intention of supporting readers to find their own inner courage, wisdom and, ultimately, the power in their authentic voice.

This creative, hands-on journal is a lighthearted, compassionate and creative journey through the seasons using art and poetry as inspiration for deep reflection and personal development. There are more than 66 poems, paintings, back-stories and reflection points for anyone in any situation.

Coaches and coaching supervisors are using this book and other Choir of Brave Voices publications successfully with clients, but it is a book full of support and inspiration for anyone in any situation. You will be amazed at how quickly, yet deeply, light-hearted creativity can make a full-hearted difference to reflection for us all – and how much we can take afresh from returning to the same image or poem at different times, seasons and situations.

I was at a complex career crossroads. Gillian helped me understand the bigger picture including my needs and barriers. I gained clarity, a simpler perspective, control of the situation and an effective, intuitive way of making future decisions.

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