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Gillian Walter

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Short Bio

I’m an experienced Master Certified Coach helping people to successfully navigate and develop through change and uncertainty. This can range from career transition to confidently moving beyond limiting beliefs and old behaviour patterns to confidently clarifying purpose and creating a new life vision.

Originally English, I have been living and working on Lake Zürich Switzerland for 20+ years and am experienced working with individuals, groups and teams privately and for large organisations. I am a learn-oholic, so I offer a wide array of ever-growing coaching principles and modalities to my sessions. I am qualified and accredited as a Mentor Coach, Coaching Supervisor and assessor for the International Coaching Federation (ICF) meaning that much of my work is supporting other coaches through their own accreditation process and throughout their continued professional development.

Before becoming a coach, I trained as an artist, teacher, department head and interpreter for the deaf. I help clients feel at ease as they explore new perspectives and solutions and coach the whole person as an authentic individual. Creativity is my passion. I am an established and published author of the Choir of Brave Voices book series, and my life purpose is to help others find, develop, and bring the power of their own, unique brave voice confidently into the world.


Featured Publication:

Choir of Brave Voices

I wrote the original ‘Choir of Brave Voices’ book to help readers discover, cultivate, and confidently bring their authentic voices into the world and it has been so well received.

Since then, I have developed the ‘Brave Voice Creative Reflection’ concept and have a new range of hands-on creative journals available. These are a light-hearted, yet powerful, journey through the year using the seasons, art and poetry as reflection starting points for personal development and innovative solutions.

These books are designed with all of us in mind and are full of daily support and inspiration.

Coaches and Supervisors tell me just how much they love working with Brave Voices in their client sessions and for their own personal supervision and reflection sessions.