100 Day Energy Boost Challenge to Recharge

Is the change of weather making you feel like hibernating?

Take the 100 Day Energy Boost Challenge and Recharge your Batteries

As my alarm went off this morning, I knew there must have been a mistake; it was still dark and, as I quickly noticed, cold. Brrr!

After the balmy 30 degrees C summer average, waking up this morning to a dark, post-storm sky and 10 degrees was too much for my sun-loving soul. I wanted to roll over and sleep all day, but kids to wake and a full day of clients and commitments forced me out of bed. I was tired and shell-shocked so I put the radio on in an attempt to stay awake. I stopped in my tracks as the presenter cheerily announced that there are just 100 days of this year left.

It hit me like a hammer; slip into hibernation autopilot until spring or make the most of these 100 days that I will never get back?

So, if your vision of the perfect winter is being snuggled up like a bear waiting for next spring, or if you just need to boost your energy reserves, here is my 100 day energy-boosting challenge. Read on for a 10 point plan to make these 100 days your best ever.

Your Step-by-Step 100 Day Energy-Boost Challenge

Grab something to make notes. You’re going to want to remember your answers.

  1. What really gives you energy. What activates/ed your ‘power-on switch’ – as a child, a teenager, an adult, at work, at home, for fun. What is the common theme? What is it that makes your heart sing? What’s lacking, forgotten or missing at the moment?
  2. Finish this sentence, “If everything were possible, the goal for my 100 Day Energy Boost Challenge would be…”Finish this sentence for some inspiration: “I could spring out of bed on even a cold, winter morning if I could just…
    • Review and renew my relationships.
    • Clarify my values and what is most important to me.
    • Bring my future vision or purpose into focus.
    • Live my life-mission more authentically and really ‘walk my talk’.
    • Improve my health and wellbeing.
    • Bring different life elements into balance.
    • Balance give and take to create win/win.
    • Understand myself and gain insight into my responses & actions.
    • Find new solutions rather than feeling resigned to old problems.
  3. Take your answer from question 2 and rewrite your goal starting with: “I want (to/a)”. Now condense the rest of your goal into 6 words. Yes, just 6! It’s not easy but it does make you think deeply about what it really is that you want and need.
  4. Look at the words you’ve chosen. What do you really mean by them? What is the most important element for you? What would success in this area give you?
  5. Imagine you have succeeded; close your eyes and really feel what is different now in your: life, day, week, mood, behaviour, actions and interactions at work, at home, and, of course, energy levels.
  6. How would you feel going into the New Year having achieved this goal? What 3 new energy boosts would you gain?
  7. Imagine staying exactly as you are and changing nothing. How would you feel starting the New Year? What 3 energy zapping dementors will continue to suck your energy? Feel this too although, I warn you, this part can feel pretty uncomfortable but, if it does, it means you are on the right path!
  8. How satisfied are you currently when you think of your goal on a scale from 1-10? Consider the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
    • What’s missing?
    • What do you need?
    • Who or what could support you?
    • What could stop you and how can you plan for that?
    • How achievable is this goal feeling? How can I make it more manageable?
    • How will you stay motivated and accountable?
  9. Set yourself smaller milestones, e.g., 10 x mini goals at 10-day intervals. Give each mini-goal an achievability score from 1-10. If any fall below a 7 rethink it. How can you make it easier to succeed? You can break mini-goals into even smaller steps.
  10. Get yourself a 100 Day Challenge Buddy; a coach and a cheerleader to keep you motivated and accountable, share in your successes and help you celebrate. If you don’t have a coach, share this challenge with a friend and support each other. Keep your goal steps achievable and moving forwards and always remember to celebrate each success, however small.

Congratulations; You are ready to rock your way to the New Year and beyond

I would love to hear your goals! Drop me a line or give me a call and let’s support each other and have some fun while we charge our batteries up!