Diving Lessons for Life

I made a huge decision (for me at least) to leave my laptop behind on my desk during a recent family diving holiday and enjoyed what I told myself was a much deserved week completely away from work. It was wonderful! However, opening the laptop once I got back home was like opening Pandora’s box. […]

New Year Review & Preview

Design Your Best Ever New Year Strategy: Easy as A,B,C! A Spend focused time looking back over last year with compassionate curiosity. Where were the gifts, new seeds and even manure? Break it Down What would 2023 success look like? Get to what is most important to you about each of these goals and find […]

Groundhog Day

I just watched Groundhog Day with my family. Do you know it? If not, it’s a great film, especially for the world we find ourselves in currently. In a nutshell, grumpy TV broadcaster, Phil, and his ego get stranded by a snowstorm whilst capturing the ‘excitement’ of the annual Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Phil […]