What do elephants and coaching supervision groups have in common?

Once upon a time, there was a group of qualified and skilled coaches who had all experienced similar experiences in their coaching sessions.

They shared their experiences (without any personal details, naturally) with peers, mentors and supervisors looking for some further understanding and professional development and each of them found something new and relevant.

Some of these coaches then joined a supervision group and together they discovered the whole elephant.

What do elephants and coaching supervision groups have in common (apart from being fun)?

  • Pools perspectives, creative ideas, tools, and techniques
  • Mutual learning from shared knowledge and experience
  • Peer empathy, support, and challenge
  • Psychological safety to try new things out and practice
  • Peer feedback and reflection
  • Discovery and exploration of blind spots
  • Professional development and performance
  • Fosters continuing learning journey
  • Have fun (did I mention that..?)

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