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Firstly, let’s start by having a look to the past…..

Most of my clients stay in touch with me and I love that. I get little updates and celebration messages and occasionally a question or request, often with a note that they miss our sessions and reflective discussions. I answer all of these with empathy. 

Coaches and coaching supervisors are human too and we all know how difficult it is for any of us to keep self-development momentum going alone. It’s so hard to see our own blind / deaf / dumb spots. This is exactly why it is also a professional requirement for coaches, supervisors and therapists to invest the time and money in their own professional supervision and support systems.

I genuinely care about my clients. We are partners on deep and mutual learning journeys. The requests for support were never overwhelming, so I was very happy to be able to help, yet I often daydreamed about how I could support clients beyond our work together.  How could we keep the reflective dialogue and growing awareness alive without the substantial time, energy and, of course, financial investment that coaching and courses demand?

The usual time, money and technology know-how constraints kept my dream just that; a dream and I happily kept replying to the messages. 

Then something happened…

COVID-19 hit us with a bang. Suddenly, I couldn’t keep up with all the requests for help or offer what was needed.  As the world seemed to Lockdown, I found myself working more pro bono hours than paid hours in a support effort and it was just too much. 

Also, as a coaching supervisor I was hearing the same thing from other coaches, ‘How can we support everyone that needs us right now when we’re struggling too.’ I knew then that the time for daydreaming was over and the need for a wider coaching support network was right now.

Moving on to today…

I am living my dream of supporting more people than I have hours in the day, and I have just finished my creation of Inside-Out Coaching ACADEMY.  

ACADEMY is an online coaching program whereby clients work through monthly modules, with all the tools, resources and support that they need available, all broken down into DIY steps for an autonomous coaching journey. 

The ACADEMY enables me to offer my Coaching ACADEMY clients a road map for living a reflective life wherever they find themselves along life’s journey. ACADEMY is suitable for all clientele, from previous coaching clients, leaders looking to develop internal coaching cultures or people reaching out looking for a more reflective way to live and work without the specific need or resources to work 1:1 with a coach.  

In our current, global climate, we all need to take stock, clear out the clutter, get re-energised, notice our energy zappers, re-focus and reconnect to a balanced life of purpose and values that we can love, connect to and draw strength from, whatever the outside world throws at us. And should it get too difficult alone, I offer special hour rates for a face-to-face check-in and a compass reset back to everyone’s personal true north.

Looking into the future…

One thing I have experienced consistently, whatever the background of the coachee is, is that the answers always lie within the person. Generally, these answers and wisdom lie just below the surface and are kept hidden in our blind / deaf / dumb spots by our old internal narratives that partner up with old patterns and beliefs. It is more a case of being able to clear the way to be open to new perspectives, narratives and possibilities.

I offer a reflective support structure for individuals who want to widen their self-awareness, their autonomy and their awareness of relational dynamics with others. Imagine the impact if each person brought heightened awareness, deeper relational understanding and communication skills into their environments. Imagine curious compassion and deep listening entering family-, work- and educational dialogues and rippling out into wider communities and the world. Imagine what would change if each person around you were committed and supported to developing their listening, communication, reasoning and relational skills by 5%?  

What would happen if the people around you had clarity around their values, ethics and purpose in life and respected yours?

What if you started your Coaching ACADEMY journey; what could change in your life? How can you shape your future?

Take good care of yourself.

Best wishes

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