What My Clients Say

A few of the people I have been privileged to work with share their personal coaching experience.

Although thinking I was feeling and doing totally fine, I did explore coaching upon recommendation of a friend as I went through some fundamental changes in my personal life. It turned out that there were some things to work on to make my life better!

Gillian’s company stood out already by the web search and after an initial personal meeting, I was sold. Her coaching style approaches life with a good balance of humour (British – I love it), positivity and seriousness.

As I came to Gillian for career coaching, she surprised me by starting working on my personal values. We connected and she helped me find myself again, in a down to earth practical way. I needed a focus on self-worth, personal values, taming of gremlins and re-connecting with my gut-feel.

No surprise anymore to me how interrelated this process is with professional happiness, and healthy relationships with your kids, family and friends.

Coaching is an investment in yourself, see it like an MOT, every so often a bit of maintenance is needed to keep running happily

Irene Zijlmans
Co-owner, HoCoSo

“I have had the privilege to be accompanied and supported by Gillian in a decisive and challenging moment of my life and career. I felt “things” needed to change, without me knowing, what those things were. Gillian was there with me on this journey, reassuring me in my intuition, challenging me on my old, unhelpful patterns with humour and understanding, and showing me how to light my own fire in a previously unknown lighthouse, whenever I got lost… Gillian has a unique ability to help you focus on yourself, to make sure you feel safe and courageous. And at the same time, she is there at your side as an authentic person beyond her role as a coach. It has been a great pleasure and a very empowering experience to work with Gillian.”


Gillian is incredibly adept and helpful at collaborative solution finding and making sense out of chaos.  She has excellent intuition and sixth sense with people that allows her to shine light into problem areas and help one get “un-stuck”.  Gillian is a godsend and skillful in her craft.  I recommend her to anyone needing clarity, insight, help in their professional and/or personal life”

Alicia Leigh

In the beginning, I was very sceptical. However, I was wrong: today, I am more focused on the important topics, more self-confident, a better leader and at the same time, I am even happier! With Gillian, you look deep within yourself and find many gemstones which you would have never expected. These define you and build the foundations for your future career, private life and happiness. Through this insight I feel much stronger and energised, as if I have just caught a wave on my surfboard. At the same time, Gillian has the bird’s eye view of an experienced, open-minded and very good friend who is brave enough to challenge you into action. What Gillian does is too complex to describe in words. I recommend: just try it!

Marc Nisple
Team Leader, Büchi Labortechnik AG

Being new in a challenging position with far too much to do, I chose to spend some time in coaching with Gillian. Just by asking the right questions and making me think, she helped me in achieving much more in less time. Coaching with Gillian unleashes energy for the things that really matter, and overall makes you lead a better life. There’s always things to improve!

Lukas Candreia

I worked closely with Gillian during the IDC accreditation program. Throughout the process, Gillian has shown a lot of skills, confidence and emotional intelligence; but what makes her stand out from the rest is her empathy and empathic approach to coaching. Gillian naturally rallies in support of her clients providing guidance aligned with values of connectedness and heart-openness. I highly recommend Gillian Walter as a trusted coach.

Georges El Hajal

Gillian is a wonderful coach. Whether I am struggling with issues at work or at home, Gillian’s positive attitude and skilful questions always help me to find a solution. Working with her for more than 8 months has really helped me to develop as a person and I am much more self-aware and more confident. As a result I approach situations in a more proactive way and achieve better results.

Kim Langfelder
Business Director, NBD, AB Enzymes GmbH

Connecting with Gillian was the best thing happened to me. I was ‘stuck in a rut’ and needed to hit the reset button towards a more rewarding life, both personally and professionally.

Gillian really hears me, offers encouragement, keeps me on track and supports me every step of the way. She is incredibly patient, listens intently, never judges, provides actionable insight and, most importantly, she genuinely cares. I feel lucky to have met her.

Working with Gillian has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Gillian’s coaching techniques are gentle but highly effective. I am always surprised how much we accomplish in our sessions.

Gillian is someone I can truly be myself with. I feel safe telling her what’s going on with me. When I have a setback, Gillian uses this as a resource for learning and I go from blaming myself to moving forwards positively.

Rhea Hallick
National Defence, Winnipeg, Canada

Gillian supported me specifically in the development of my own vision & mission. With her strong communication skills, her clear focus on the essentials and her very loving and supportive nature, Gillian helped me to decide upon, clarify and get my “mission statement” into action. Gillian is not an external consultant and she won’t give you the answers, but rather she will get you to find the answers (even difficult ones) with a very personal touch.

Thank you Gillian for bringing me to such a clear picture of the future, not only for work but also in my private life. I look forward to my new challenges!


Yvonne Appelt
Company Director, Technoform Bautec GmbH

I was at a complex career crossroads. Gillian helped me understand the bigger picture including my needs and barriers. I gained clarity, a simpler perspective, control of the situation and an effective, intuitive way of making future decisions.

Ruedi Hartmann, Ph.D.
Director, Pharma & Chemistry

Moving my family to Switzerland at short notice to start a new job with new responsibilities, a new language and integrate with a different culture presented me with significant challenges. On top of this, I decided to continue my MBA studies with a leading UK university. I looked to coaching to help me balance these aspects in a way that they develop and support one another during this turbulent time. Working with Inside-Out coaching, I have been able to clarify and visualize better and faster ways in which a can bring my knowledge to real world profession situations. This has had a positive benefit on both my work and relationships with new colleagues. Although I was unsure of professional coaching to begin with, Gillian made me feel at ease with the process with her friendly and professional manner.


I went to Gillian for coaching at a time when I couldn’t figure out how I was going to complete my written study requirements and prepare myself for final exams at the same time as balance and manage all the other aspects of my life. Gillian help me get clarity, plan doable stages and steps and really understand and acknowledge myself as I completed each of them. She made the impossible feel very doable and I did it! Thanks Gillian for your invaluable assistance in helping me reach my goals.

Faye McGregor

I was overwhelmed by a new managerial role, but developed my own authentic leadership style through coaching. I am clearer in my vision and more confident after every single session. I now trust my own strengths and values to meet challenges with confidence, energy and integrity. Coaching with Gillian makes me feel like I can do it and then I just can!

Sanami Bruderer-Kono
Head of Communications, Büchi Labortechnik AG
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