The work with Gillian brought me the recognition that I want to focus my career path on helping startups and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses via coaching and mentoring, so currently, I am on the way to pursuing my own ICF accreditation to become a full-time business coach and advisor for founders. The inspiration to proceed with that came from the place of inspiration ignited by Gillian.

Working with Gillian, I saw that if we are all provided support and enablement having a great coach by our side, we can really reach our true potential. Furthermore, I gained the confidence to try out a path of creation outside the corporate track and to pursue the things in life that bring me to the best version of myself aligned with my values and strengths.

Gillian is one of the most impactful coaches I have met on my journey. The impact of meeting her and having her supporting me as a coach probably cannot be estimated fully by words. Still, I am so thankful for her for being my coach and helping me in a significant life shift in 2021. What she offers is unique, profoundly transforming, and enriching and empowers me to take actions way beyond my comfort zone.

Monika Krewer,
Coach, Startup Mentor, Data Driven Business, Partnership and Product Development

The topics circulated around how I am happier at work, how I deal with difficult situations and people, how I am a good leader and what I want to get out of work. Gill always surprises me with trying out new things, tools, ways of approaching a specific topic. It was sometimes very playful and sometimes really deep and also hard work. Gill always remained positive and sensitive, asked many questions and asked me to get active. Somehow she always managed to help me getting insights and planned actions within the planned time. I mostly walked out of a coaching session with a clear view about what I do next and how, and full of energy and motivation to do it. I was more enthusiastic, energized and interested at work and therefore more happy and successful. My time investment paid off very well and my employer carried the costs, also realizing the benefit.

Specifically, I could better sort out conflicts, facilitate collaboration where it was difficult, take my team to higher levels of sharing vision and values, and deal with my boss’s boss and other people who drove me crazy. As a consequence, I was also happier and more resilient in my private life and could be a bigger help to my husband when he needed it most.

Lukas Candreia,
General Manager

Gillian helped me hone my leadership skills and expand my own professional coaching skills by increasing confidence, self-awareness and empathy. She also enabled me to reconnect with my creative self in a meaningful and sustainable way — something that I have been wanting to reconnect with for years.

Nely Gaulea, People & Organisational Growth Consulting Partner

Gillian ́s empathic and positive coaching style, which is paired with a good sense of humour and personal experience, helped me building trust and opening up. Gillian immediately understood the urgency of the situation and provided me with a repertoire of effective tools to reduce my stress level and to work more productively. As soon as this acute situation was under control, we started tackling the actual problems at my work and the re-establishment of my self-confidence. 

The central part of our coaching sessions was aimed at finding the true purpose of my life. Gillian ́s powerful coaching skills and her creativity enabled me identifying things and values that matter the most for me. Learning about my key drivers helped me in defining priorities and setting clear goals both for my professional and my personal life. It further allowed me to connect to my true personality and authenticity. As a result, I was able to act with a higher level of confidence and safety, but also with more empathy and positivity. 

Through a continuous process of reflection of my own behaviour and of my environment I learned from Gillian how to react in difficult moments at work so that I could stay relaxed and connected to myself, while successfully controlling the situation.

Gillian’s coaching played an integral part in my successful transition to a new work environment that reflects the values, the culture and a development path that is important to me. 

In my opinion, Gillian is an exceptionally skilled coach with an outstanding level of creativity and an extremely sharp personal understanding. I am fascinated how she can combine her strong professionalism with her warm and empathic personality to always achieve the best coaching outcomes. Gillian taught me the power of coaching to improve my life, and I am convinced that our sessions will have a sustainable impact on my future. 

Dr. Christian Lizak

Furthermore, Gillian acted as a Supervision sounding board and advisor to the Healthcare Heroes leadership team in the early stages of the initiatives development which ensured that supervision was an integral part of Healthcare Heroes and its success. 

I appreciate Gillian’s passion for bringing Supervision to the forefront of coaching practice.

Afsheen Ismail-Wey,
MBA, PCC, CPCC, CEO, HR Advisor and Leadership Coach

Gillian has been a brilliant coach. After several years of being a Coach myself, it has been incredibly powerful to be “on the other side” and realise how many blind spots I still have, despite all the self-reflection I have been doing.

A few words to describe Gillian: Presence, Inspiration, Knowledge AND Fun!

I absolutely recommend all my fellow coaches to reach out to Gillian if they want to work on themselves and go to the next level in their coaching.

Marta Ghezzi

I worked with Gillian in her capacity as a supervisor in the beginning of my own coaching career. She is super supportive, has a great sense of humor, and you feel really safe to talk about what feels as if it’s currently holding you back. I especially remember one time, where I had an extremely talkative client, and didn’t really know how to deal with this. After one meeting with Gillian I felt much more confident and could meet the client exactly where he was. Both my client and I were happy about the result.

Josefine Wanner,
Entrepreneur & Business Growth Strategist, Founder of the Empower Entrepreneur and the Set Up For Life Programs

I have had the privilege to be accompanied and supported by Gillian in a decisive and challenging moment of my life and career. I felt “things” needed to change, without me knowing, what those things were. Gillian was there with me on this journey, reassuring me in my intuition, challenging me on my old, unhelpful patterns with humour and understanding, and showing me how to light my own fire in a previously unknown lighthouse, whenever I got lost… Gillian has a unique ability to help you focus on yourself, to make sure you feel safe and courageous. And at the same time, she is there at your side as an authentic person beyond her role as a coach. It has been a great pleasure and a very empowering experience to work with Gillian.


Although thinking I was feeling and doing totally fine, I did explore coaching upon recommendation of a friend as I went through some fundamental changes in my personal life. It turned out that there were some things to work on to make my life better! 

Gillian’s company stood out already by the web search and after an initial personal meeting, I was sold. Her coaching style approaches life with a good balance of humour (British – I love it), positivity and seriousness. 

As I came to Gillian for career coaching, she surprised me by starting working on my personal values. We connected and she helped me find myself again, in a down to earth practical way. I needed a focus on self-worth, personal values, taming of gremlins and re-connecting with my gut-feel. 

No surprise anymore to me how interrelated this process is with professional happiness, and healthy relationships with your kids, family and friends. 

Coaching is an investment in yourself, see it like an MOT, every so often a bit of maintenance is needed to keep running happily

Irene Zulmans,
Co-Owner, HOCOSO

Gillian is incredibly adept and helpful at collaborative solution finding and making sense out of chaos.  She has excellent intuition and sixth sense with people that allows her to shine light into problem areas and help one get “un-stuck”.  Gillian is a godsend and skillful in her craft.  I recommend her to anyone needing clarity, insight, help in their professional and/or personal life”

Alicia Leigh

In the beginning, I was very sceptical. However, I was wrong: today, I am more focused on the important topics, more self-confident, a better leader and at the same time, I am even happier! With Gillian, you look deep within yourself and find many gemstones which you would have never expected. These define you and build the foundations for your future career, private life and happiness. Through this insight I feel much stronger and energised, as if I have just caught a wave on my surfboard. At the same time, Gillian has the bird’s eye view of an experienced, open-minded and very good friend who is brave enough to challenge you into action. What Gillian does is too complex to describe in words. I recommend: just try it!

Mark Nisple,

Gillian is a unique an exceptional individual, with huge reserves of energy, great ability to adapt and tailor her content to your specific situation in real time. She has helped me to get to the issue behind the issue again and again. I engaged her services in starting my first leadership position and feeling unsure. Today I feel confident I am at the start of a new chapter, have earned my place amongst leaders and have many exciting and rewarding opportunities to which I can apply my skills in the future. Gillian has been a key contributor to my leadership transformation. Thank you Gililan!