A New Decade, A New You

NEWSFLASH: There are 39 days left of this decade.

Yes, you read that correctly, there are 39 days left before a new decade begins!
My invitation to you is to take these 39 days and make the most of them; make this one remember for all the right reasons. It’s easy if you know how!

Are you up for a 30-minute challenge? If not, then I wish you a happy new decade. If so, then grab some paper and a cup or glass of something nice and let’s make this decade count!

Let’s begin with a question; if you could really get the most out of these 40 days, end this decade with a BANG and go into the next one fully resourced and ready with energy and confidence, what would that look like? What about if anything were possible? Notice what thoughts and feelings come up for you as you’re considering your answer.

Before we look further into the future, let’s review how the last decade has been for you by giving ONE score (1-10) to the following areas of your life for where you were in 2010 and a SECOND score for where you are today:

2010 Now
e.g, Connection to yourself 4/10 5/10
Connection to yourself
Money / finances
Physical health
Emotional health
Friends and relationships
Physical environment (eg. home, workspace)
How you react to difficult situations
Leisure & fun
Organization and simplicity
Personal growth
Feeling appropriately challenged
Feeling heard
Feeling accepted
Feeling inspired
Feeling loved
Feeling appreciated
Energy levels & how you reenergise
Feeling relaxed & authentic

How does it feel now looking at your scores? What do you notice as you review your decade? What surprises you most about your responses? What is the message for you here?

Starting exactly where you are and how you’re feeling right now, write a headline that encompasses your decade so far. You could perhaps start with, ‘2010-2019; My Decade of…’ or ‘2010-2019; The Decade that…’

Just make a few notes about what you are telling yourself with this exercise. Notice how this affects how you see yourself. What behavioural- or thought patterns are triggered by this? What outcomes are the norm for you when this is your headline? Make some notes for yourself but without judgement! We are only collecting data here…

Now write your 2020-2029 decade headline. Imagine that you have a coach that can support you to achieve whatever it is that you really desire and the world is your oyster! You might consider the things you really want to achieve (big or small!), how you might want to stretch, challenge or grow yourself, relationships you’d like to develop, something you would love to create or begin, something you would love to learn or become better at. Think about all the different roles and facets of your life and what would really make your heart sing.

Look at your headline for the upcoming new decade. What do you notice? Are you really ‘going for it’ or still holding back somewhere? Is it challenging and motivating you or something else? Is this really the final headline, or would you like to refine it?

Once you have your headline, my guess would be that there is a challenging gap between where you are today and where you want to get to..? How is this gap affecting your original headline? What does this gap actually symbolise for you? If you had to give it a name, what would it be? Now name the 5 core challenges that this gap between headlines represents; what might you expect to have to confront here?

Unless you have a magic wand handy, we need to gather our resources and create our bridge across one step at a time. The most significant step is the first one; the place you most want to be as the old decade closes and the new one begins. Where is that for you? What are you really stepping into? What might you need to leave behind and stop doing as you make that step? What will you choose to take with you and use more? What will you need to learn and unlearn?

How will you know you have made it to where you want to be by the end of the decade to be as ready for the new decade ahead as you can be?

Write a list of all the resources you have at your disposal; people that can help you, the skills and talents you have, places you can find answers and so on. Have a look at your list and now get creative! What can you do to add more resources to your list? Think hard and write another 5. You can do it! Look at what you’ve written and use your pen to join these elements together to create a support structure for yourself for this first step.

Time to write a final headline about this challenging gap, how prepared you were to rise to the challenge and how you stepped across into where you wanted to be. Use your imagination and think about how a headline would boost a brave and intrepid explorer on their quest with no time to lose.

How does that feel? Like an achievable goal or a huge leap of terrifying faith? If it feels too big, how could you break it down to smaller steps or strengthen your support structure? What or who could support you most right now? How will you keep motivated and accountable for what you have chosen to do? How might you sabotage yourself?

Once you have your answers and are completely satisfied (and hopefully excited) by the challenge you have set for yourself by the end of this decade and what this will lead towards in the next, create yourself a timeline with 8 steps of 5 days each. Add what you would like to have achieved by each of the 8 points and when you’re ready, find someone to tell; someone to keep you motivated and accountable. Even better, get them to work through this little exercise too and create a bigger bang together-not forgetting, of course, to plan how you will celebrate at the end of this very special year!

Good luck, be kind to yourself and leave judgement out of this exercise and let me know how you get on!

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