“The hardest thing to attend to is that which is closest to ourselves, that which is most constant and familiar. And this closest “something” is, precisely, ourselves, our own habits and ways of doing things.”

John Dewy

What is Supervision

Co-Creating a Super-Vision

Supervision supports professionals working in the field of people-development or helping-professions, including: Coaches, leaders, mentors, consultants, psychologists and educators, to name but a few.

Supervision provides the safe and insightful space for co-creating a ‘super-vision’. ‘Super-vision’ describes the generative and deeper learning and perspectives that come from our reflective dialogue and exploration.

coaching supervision for leaders

What Can be Expected From Regular Super-Vision?

Learning about WHO you are as a human-being is the ultimate way to discover HOW you work at your best to do WHAT you actually do from a place of personal awareness, values, strengths, flow and heart.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD as set out by the ICF)
  • Honing skills to meet industry standards & expectations
  • Mutual trust, safety & respect
  • Personal and professional insights from clear, reflective learning and practice cycles
  • Increased awareness of wider contexts, working alliances, systems & contracting
  • Honing skills, competencies, knowledge, tools & interventions
  • Recognising and addressing parallel processes, transference & TA pattern blind spots
  • Discovering and exploring new, deeper and wider perspectives
  • Expanding ethical maturity in order to deal with dilemmas, difficulties & doubts
  • Developing resourcefulness, resilience, confidence & well being
  • Building the ‘inner supervisor’
  • Harvesting the learning from challenging situations.
  • Constructive feedback & feedforward
  • Professional benchmarks and perspectives

Clients Speak

My experience of working with Gillian was amazing!
I felt heard when I was frustrated. I felt acknowledge when I did the work I wanted to do to become more masterful as a coach. She challenged me in such a kind and compassionate way that I felt anything was possible if I put my mind to it. With each call I left feeling inspired to be the best I could be.
I came up with my own metaphor of how it meant to ‘dance’ in the moment with my clients. Gillian inspired me to write in words, what I always knew about my ability to coach/dance with my clients. The skills were already there I just needed the push to bring the art back into my coaching. I’m millimeters away from getting my MCC recordings just right and the dance is always in my head. I so loved working with you Gillian.

– Maureen Miller, B.Ed, PCC

Who Needs Supervision, anyway?

Supervision is another time demand and another financial outlay. It sounds managerial, judgmental and controlling, so why bother?

Whatever our training and educational background, our experiences and continuing personal and professional development are the core elements of our learning journey to become the best practitioner we can be. We can all learn and polish the same principles, techniques and tools, but how we work with, and develop, these resources ultimately depends on who we are, how well we understand ourselves and how we work at our best. Noticing strengths and challenges alone is extremely difficult, working on them alone is virtually impossible. Working on developing your super-vision with a qualified and experienced supervisor is not only enlightening and empowering, it’s also a relief to bring difficult issues to a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental space knowing that you will leave stress behind and take positive learning and resourcing away with you.

Clients Speak

Gillian is a highly skilled executive coach that upgraded her mission to serve more people through supervision. I’ve had the opportunity to receive supervision from her and I have felt a deep sense of connection to myself and my coaching work through her. 

– Jean-François Thiriet

In developing as a coach or leader, we need to develop a deep understanding of ourselves and who are we; our narratives, our perspectives, prejudices, strengths, limitations and values. Only through reflective practice and co-creation can we fully become our best self.

The most important instrument for your work is you and, as a coach, leader or practitioner of people-development work, it is crucial to look after, develop, sharpen, service and repair this instrument regularly. A well-honed and well supported practitioner learns the profession’s key lessons from challenges and uncomfortable situations at the edge of their comfort zone.

Working with a supervisor means having the safe space, support and time to co-create the best and most connected version of yourself that you can become in service to your clients while being fully resourced and professionally distanced for your own well-being.

As a professional in the field of people-development, you can’t afford not to invest in supervision for your own-development.

Supervision is “The Learning Lungs of the profession.” Hawkins & Shohet

How Does Supervision Work

The kind of supervision you choose will depend on how you prefer to work; one to one, in a small group or a combination of both. Whichever variation best suits your needs, you will be supported throughout the Four Levels of Transformational Engagement (ICF Advance 2015) from session preparation to learning reflection.

Clients Speak

Working with Gillian was a breath of fresh air. I looked forward to every conversation we had. It was never like being pushed to grow. When we talked it was like an invitation to go on a walk where the air was clear and the blue sky led us on. Gillian would say, “Hey which path would you like to explore next.” I would reply by saying, “Let’s see what’s around this corner,” and off we’d go. It was such a private, special experience to share that walk with Gillian. I can still hear her voice in my head as I continue on my journey to become the best coach I can ever be, “Where do you want to go next!”

– Maureen Miller

One to One Supervision

individual coaching supervision

Supervision sessions usually last for 60 minutes and follow the stages in the CLEAR process model set out by Hawkins & Smith (2013)

Contract:     Discover and clarify work to be done and contracting how to work

Listening:     Co-creative dialogue based around the issue and elements of learning

Exploration: Multi-perspective exploration around new insights and thinking

Action:        Moving from cognitive insights to embodied learning

Review:       Exploration of values and challenges around insights

However, the real magic of supervision lies in the feeling of ‘nothing to do and nowhere to go’; the hard-to-describe feeling of stopping time and space to unpack the multiple aspects of your role, environment and situation with curiosity for the learning it offers you and your work.

Group Supervision

coaching supervision for groups

Group supervision comprises of 4-6 participants from the same industry, e.g. coaches or leaders plus the supervisor. The group members come together to reflect, learn and grow with and from each other. and develop skills and understanding of their personal and professional development and work, challenges and industry

Working in a group brings together combined knowledge, understanding and experience. The trust, support, respect and empathy that grow over time between participants creates a safe and very special learning environment.

Due to the development of group relationship, our groups are closed, meaning that, once a group begins, it is closed to new entrants.

Each group supervision session last for 2 hours and takes place every second month.

Further groups can be set up anytime according to demand, so please feel free to get in touch and ask about / suggest new group starting dates.

1:1 group sessions meeting in the inside-out office in Küsnacht

Virtual group sessions using Zoom

Benefits of Group Supervision:

  • Pooling new ideas & different perspectives
  • Creative ideas and exchange of tools and techniques
  • Mutual learning from exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Peer empathy, support and understanding
  • Peer feedback and reflection
  • Easier to uncover and explore blind spots
  • Improves professional development and performance
  • Fosters continuing learning journey

Clients Speak

Supervision is a very important resource we need as therapists to help us in our work. It does not matter how many years of experience we have. Supervision is about getting other perspectives on some cases to help us get a broader view. I personally would call them inter-visions, since we are on the same eye level with our colleague when presenting our cases. Thus we are not being supervised to see if we do our work ‘right’ but to help us when we are challenged in our own work.

Gillian’s approach is professional and well structured. She helps me by thinking and feeling with me. It is a very enriching experience that I recommend to all therapists. 

– Claudia Manzini-Egger

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