“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while”

Steve Jobs

There is increasing evidence that creating art enhances our brain function, can help us overcome stress and explore different aspects of our selves. Creative expression gets more parts of our brains functioning together to support self-expression, self-exploration and understanding around themes, patterns and conflicts that potentially impact our thoughts, behaviours, aspirations and emotions. Creating art has a positive impact on our emotional- and mental health our nervous system and our general well-being. We literally engage parts of our brains to problem solving and solution building that would not usually be firing together in this way.

Art Based Coaching Supervision

Coaching with art is just like coaching with me in every other sense. The only two differences are that we create images and work as a small group. Using image, colour, line, space, texture and metaphor with different media offers an opportunity to bring situations and solutions to life with a different context, perspective and awareness that can take much longer and prove more difficult to reach and express with words alone.

Having something to look at or hold helps us to literally see the bigger picture, give us more time for reflection and connection without old narratives and thought-loops spinning in our heads and getting in the way. This opens up old beliefs and behaviour patterns to different perspectives and possibilities that wouldn’t otherwise emerge.

There is zero artistic skill or talent needed and the joy of working with art materials in this way is that your piece will mean exactly what you need it to mean to you as a starting point for your coaching process. Other coaching techniques and tools are integrated into the sessions ensuring that you get the very most of your coaching experience. More often than not, your art will continue to grow, develop and mature along with your solutions and goals to guide you on your coaching journey way beyond our actual coaching sessions.

art based coaching

“Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world”

Renee Phillips

Facilitated by a professional Artist

Ariane Klidjian
Ariane Klidjian

My art coaching groups are facilitated by Ariane, a professional artist who is also highly talented at reading minds and knowing exactly what your artistic needs are in the moment. Ariane prepares all the artistic equipment and materials so that you can just get on and enjoy the medium without worrying about the ‘how’.

Group Coaching

Many clients prefer the benefits and group-wisdom of group coaching, including the peer insights, alternative perspectives, motivation, accountability and support. Art coaching takes place in small, ‘closed’ groups (meaning the same 4 participants) with the same confidentiality, working agreements, empathy and support that is crucial to any coaching relationship. Even though the groups remain small, some clients prefer being part of a peer learning process rather than being in the “hot seat” of a 1:1 coaching session.

Group coaching is cheaper than 1:1 coaching as the session hours and material costs are shared…as are problems and solutions.

The Art of Coaching Supervision

Art supervision groups are set up in the same way as with art coaching groups. The difference here is that the participants are coaches bringing creative solutions to client situations in order to explore and reflect around new insights, aspects and perspectives of their coaching practice and professional relationship dynamics.

Consider the magic of the white canvas as a metaphor for the coaching field that we as coaches invite our clients into. Together we will explore the many colours, shades, textures, spaces and patterns that enter the coaching space with the client, how these affect the coaching space we create together in sessions and how to notice, explore, reflect upon and develop these aspects of our practice in service of our clients.

Art supervision is first and foremost a creative and reflective supportive space for coaches to come together and support each other in a confidential, respectful, encouraging and constructive peer setting. Group art supervision brings together the knowledge, skills, experiences and insights of other professional coaches and the supervisor in ways that ensure ethical practice, development of new skills, heightened awareness, provide a touch stone for good practice and ensure continued professional development in service to our clients.

When you choose to explore art supervision with me, you will experience a wealth of artistic and creative ideas and tools in our group sessions that can then support you in the work you do with clients in future coaching sessions.

Clients Speak

Working with Gillian was a breath of fresh air. I looked forward to every conversation we had. It was never like being pushed to grow. When we talked it was like an invitation to go on a walk where the air was clear and the blue sky led us on. Gillian would say, “Hey which path would you like to explore next.” I would reply by saying, “Let’s see what’s around this corner,” and off we’d go. It was such a private, special experience to share that walk with Gillian. I can still hear her voice in my head as I continue on my journey to become the best coach I can ever be, “Where do you want to go next!”

– Maureen Miller

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